Monthly Archives: December 2018

You know who you are

You messed up your December bid and you will not call in sick at the end of the month. You celebrated Christmas with your husband and kids on the 22nd prior your multi day multi legs pairings. You land in a city where all restaurants and shops will be closed. You make a special grocery… Read more »

Landing fees

  Landing fees at airports and aerodromes should in principle unite the pilot community. Surprisingly, sometimes, this is not the case. One must understand that these fees are nothing more than taxes applied directly to aircraft operators by organisations running the properties on a monopolistic base. Those administrations are often one of the three levels… Read more »

A guide to buying an aircraft (1)

What an exciting feeling: you decided to get yourself an aircraft, your own set of wings. From this side of the keyboard, I can assure you there is no better thought than owning your own aircraft. No more renting at specific times only to get weathered out. When the weather does clear out, no waiting… Read more »

Artificial intelligence

Technology has improved without any doubt flight safety and  efficiency. Granted, there is always cost involved, giving the accounting departments hot flashes. From auto-pilots to flight management systems or from anti-skid to EGPWS (enhanced ground proximity warning system) the industry agrees that we could not function without them.  Granted, prior operating new technology within a… Read more »