Monthly Archives: March 2019

Boeing’s 737-800

The recent 737 accident, a tragedy by all means brings to light few factors of absolute relevance to the air transport industry. First and foremost is the unthinkable arrogance Boeing (the corporation) has demonstrated. Nothing to do with engineering within. Why is the corporation pushing a most objectionable policy of not divulging a system in… Read more »

Farewell ForeFlight

Has anyone seen this before? I have. Been there, seen that. Oh how are we going to win they say. We will keep the entities separate, they say. Really? Possibly the best flight planing software on the market, ForeFlight had grown to become in my view the best flight planing software. Super user friendly, maniac… Read more »

Total loss

Nothing is more imminent than the impossible. Victor Hugo Early during pilot training, engine failures are thought. The rudiments of forced landings are learned, single engine aircraft obliges. The total experience acquired for the newly licensed professional pilot is equivalent to 4 or 5 hours on a light aircraft. According to authorities, this total is quite sufficient… Read more »