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The journey to Switzerland (1)

The wall « A lifetime planning for the journey » Chris de Burgh Well it seemed that way. Certainly we are far from the heroics of the pioneers who could not depend on much more than a compass, dead reckoning on flimsy charts and weather reports based on a fledging science. No, the project to cross the… Read more »

CYFB layover

The transatlantic crossing begun yesterday aboard the PA-30. We required 7,5 hours of flying with impressive tailwinds for most of the day. Clocking 185 kts in a Twin Comanche is an agreable predicament. Fueling in Schefferville (CYKL) in late fall weather conditions ( crashing rain, 20 kts gusty winds in 3 deg C temperature) was… Read more »

Crossing the Atlantic

Flying to Europe in a Twin Comanche How many phone calls, how many people you talk to? Probably not enough. I have been actively planing this journey for a year, thinking about it for a lifetime. Of the thousands who have had the guts to undertake it with half the equipment and aircraft, I have… Read more »