Farewell ForeFlight

by | 2019-03-11

Has anyone seen this before? I have. Been there, seen that. Oh how are we going to win they say. We will keep the entities separate, they say. Really?

Possibly the best flight planing software on the market, ForeFlight had grown to become in my view the best flight planing software. Super user friendly, maniac pilot support. They were really on top of it all.

Hey, can we blame the owners? It was time to cash in for all those contorsions of building a fine business.

And now the nice folks of Boeing (via Jeppesen) will be seeking, thrust me on this, the sacrosaint shareholders value. The value of stock market behemoths can only improve by growing profits, not profits alone. To attain this cost will need to be reduced while revenues will need to be raised. Read here subscription price increase.

All good for big business and general aviation will take it again on the chin.

Let’s hope on the other side of the coin that the venerable aircraft manufacturer can manage the onset of difficulty they are facing with the 737 Max.

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