Need a boost of enthusiasm?

by | 2019-01-02
DC-3 waiting for restoration in CYHU, just acquired by Buffalo Airways.
D Day hero resting in CYHU.

The people of Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots fame) are quite remarquable on many of screens. What fascinates me most is the dynamic attitude and enthusiasm that Mike McBryan demonstrates. A sort of inspiration coming from the hangar! His team just acquired a famous yet forgotten DC-3 out of CYHU. One of the best aircraft in the world, this classic was apparently part of the D Day fleet back in 44. These chaps gave themselves 6 months to restore the old bird, I figure at least back to airworthy status in time for the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. The challenge is impressive, however I am totally in unity with them and I thrust that should an organisation be capable of succeeding, they are the ones. Best of luck Plane Savers!

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