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A guide to buying an aircraft (1)

What an exciting feeling: you decided to get yourself an aircraft, your own set of wings. From this side of the keyboard, I can assure you there is no better thought than owning your own aircraft. No more renting at specific times only to get weathered out. When the weather does clear out, no waiting… Read more »

Spins again

The  Canadian Transportation Safety Board has recently published it’s accident investigation report of a PA-34-200T (Piper Seneca) at CYBW (Calgary/Springbank, Alberta). One can read all the simple details on the Canadian TSB report. My hearth is broken. An apparently perfect aircraft on the take-off phase, in ideal training flight conditions crashes vertically after a severe… Read more »

Risk management

Flying safely in the 21st century requires more effort than « those » glorious years gone by. Flying, certainly the best way to live and the best leisure activity one can imagine. It should not be undertaken  like grabbing one’s golf bag and running out of the house, free for a few hours. Ignoring science and good… Read more »