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It has been a while since I have had a chance to follow through the flight across the North Atlantic. There is good reason for this, the PA-30 is undergoing renovations.

I am participating actively in the process, thus the editorial ressources came under pressure. Nonetheless the project is quite interesting. We are dealing here with a 1963 « vintage » aircraft.

The plan was to refurbish the interior. Seating was found to be rather uncomfortable after legs longer than 4 hours. The intent is to keep the main VIP (spouse) comfortable.

So off we went removing (stripping down) everything. Between basics in archeology, speleology and attentive aircraft maintenance the job was undertaken. An unforeseen yet inevitable situation was observed: the replacement of the old ADI and and DG. The project was planned for next year. The wiring required for a set of Garmin G5’s and the work involved were seriously reduced while in the midst of this refurbishing project.

The « might as well »syndrome set itself in. It made sense to get the job done. There will be interesting points and discoveries to relate shortly. Stay tuned!

Old insulation and weight loss program on the panel.
Getting that LEM look (NASA circa 1969)

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    1. Marc Post author

      Merci Serge, j’espère seulement qu’il n’y aura plus de « tant qu’à être »!

  1. Margelisch

    Tu t es lancé dans un sacré job!!! Bon d un autre coté comme tu es à la retraite c est mieux de bricoler que de picoler?


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