CYFB layover

by | 2019-06-04

The transatlantic crossing begun yesterday aboard the PA-30. We required 7,5 hours of flying with impressive tailwinds for most of the day. Clocking 185 kts in a Twin Comanche is an agreable predicament. Fueling in Schefferville (CYKL) in late fall weather conditions ( crashing rain, 20 kts gusty winds in 3 deg C temperature) was disappointing espacially pumping fuel put of a 45 gallon drum. Northern Quebec and possibly the rest of Canada is not an avgas friendly region.

The flying conditions improved going by Akpatok Island, a big stack of tundra parked in the middle of Ungava bay.

We overnighted in CYFB in what appeared to be their first Spring day. Severe CAVU. Here again avgas is sold on a first come first served basis. This inspite of being a rather big town.

With the overlying High in the region, we are pretty optimistic to overfly Greenland from BGSF enroute to BIRK.

Ungava and it’s island in the sun
Akpatok Island

7 thoughts on “CYFB layover

  1. Christiane Béland

    L’aventure ne fait que commencer. Lâchez pas, les gars, vous êtes bien partis!

    1. Marc Post author

      Çà s’en vient! J’ai enfin le temps de mettre le site à jour!

  2. Bob Labrosse

    Très belle aventure Marc, nous attendons ton retour.
    Have a good flight back.


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