You know who you are

by | 2018-12-24

You messed up your December bid and you will not call in sick at the end of the month.

You celebrated Christmas with your husband and kids on the 22nd prior your multi day multi legs pairings.

You land in a city where all restaurants and shops will be closed.

You make a special grocery at the local Italian fine grocery, prior the pairing for that late dinner and snacks for the whole crew. (Aren’t you fed up with those crew meals?)

You, that refused on a captain decision to depart some foreign island with empty seats until they were filled with the originally booked passengers because load planners could not make the usual runway numbers work in their computers for reasons of winds and temperature. Your numbers worked and the passengers finally got on.

You know who you are.

May the landing early morning of the 25th be one heck of a sleaker.

May you, the partner, who will have a tough act to follow make it even better. 

May you get a bunch of directs when you hit landfall, saving 400 kg of fuel no matter how smart that flight planning system claims are and inspite of the requirements to stick with the profile.

May the tired faces of your passengers offloading going to their loved ones send you a quick furtive smile.

For the best job in the world is yours and no matter what, you press on.

Merry Christmas

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